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     Head Imaging & Sound Designer/Voice          The Howard Stern Show – SiriusXM Radio

“I came into the RTBN program at 17 with big aspirations, and SAIT prepared me for the tough but rewarding medium. To this day I retain a strong connection to my SAIT family and professors who guided my career. The way they invested in me…I don’t believe you can get at any other school.”





Rogers Sportsnet – Host/Reporter for The Montreal Canadiens

“SAIT provided every single tool, every resource and every opportunity that I needed to help build a solid foundation before heading out into the broadcast industry. The fact that you can work in the field alongside real media professionals and be graded on it?! There’s no better training ground anywhere.”



Director – Corner Store Films – Toronto / Joe Media Group – Calgary

SAIT gave me a great foundation of skills and a foot in the door into the film industry. In fact, as a result of SAIT’s practicum program I was working in film before I even graduated the program. I’ve directed projects literally all over the world. If SAIT can do that for me, imagine what they might do for an actual smart person.



6 O’Clock Anchor – Global News – Calgary

“SAIT was instrumental in setting me on a path to a successful career as a broadcast journalist.    SAIT offered a friendly, collaborative atmosphere with instructors who were so keen on helping you be the best you could be.  It was real practical knowledge of where the industry was and where it was going.  At SAIT I learned the skills to be an adaptable and enthusiastic storyteller and news presenter.”


Morning Host – 92.1 CITI FM – Winnipeg

“No SAIT?  No Career.  It really is just as simple as that.  I was able to make some mistakes and learned to grow as an announcer with patience and guidance from instructors and peers. They say that school lets you get your foot in the door of the industry…SAIT lets you kick that door down with authority.”


Morning Host – Energy 106 – Winnipeg

“SAIT helped me become ready and understand what it takes to capture my dream job. I credit all my success to SAIT. I received the proper training and teachers and SAIT did more than just train me for my job, it taught me valuable life lessons that I still use today.”





Coordinator, Video Production for the Edmonton Oilers

“I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the SAIT broadcasting program and all of my instructors, I would not be where I am today. I also wouldn’t be able to say that I love what I do for a living.”



Host of Calgary Today on Newstalk 770 Radio

“I’ve enjoyed a great ride since graduating from SAIT. I’ve had the opportunity to experience so many facets of broadcasting from television to radio to running a newsroom and I owe it all to the foundation I received at SAIT. It taught me how to adapt in an ever changing industry.”


Program Director for Real Country 95.5 and Newcap – Alberta South

“SAIT’s Radio program knows how to set its grads up for success! When you leave the program, it’s all about “How Bad You Want It”, but the support from SAIT never stops,  your instructors are only ever a phone call away.  I am so PROUD to call myself a Graduate of SAIT’s RTBN Program!”




Morning Anchor – Global TV – Regina

The RTBN program was really the first step in making my dream job a reality! The skills and experience I learned at SAIT helped me seamlessly move into the industry and I continue to have support in my career by the staff and my past classmates who are always in my corner.



Creative Writer/Producer – Vista Radio – Kelowna

I was in my mid-twenties when I walked through SAIT’s doors. Quite nervous about if I have what it takes to work in radio. Within a couple of minutes I KNEW this is where I belong. Not only did I learn everything I would need to make it in the industry, I also learned valuable life lessons that helped me live a better life. It’s a lot of hard work but now I go to my career everyday and love what I do! The teachers at SAIT gave me tools and the confidence to pursue my dream.




Mornings – Country 105 – Calgary

SAIT gave me the foundation, knowledge, and support to hit the ground running. The SAIT program is a real world hands on program that mimics the real world so closely that the transition to employment is seemless. The support from the SAIT instructors is second to none insuring your success in class and after graduation. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without SAIT.



Morning Host – HOT 100.5 – Winnipeg

Going anywhere other than SAIT wasn’t an option. The RTBN program is top shelf when it comes to providing you with the tools you need to have a successful career in the radio industry. In my experience, having SAIT on my resume has not only opened doors for me… But created a lifelong bond with my fellow classmates and instructors.



Midday Announcer – X92.9 – Calgary

This program was an answer to the lingering question, “what if?” Tired of my day job, I took the leap and enrolled! I learned the industry basics, made close friends, worked my way through school and literally right into a full time job in my home town market. SAIT was my ride or die moment and I’m still enjoying the ride.


CTV Anchor / Co-Host – Saskatoon

The hands on experience I gained at SAIT launched me into the career I have today, quite literally. I had a job lined up before I even graduated and truly believe it’s all thanks to the first-hand experience of my professors (as hard as they were on us). I still use the tools and knowledge I gained in the RTBN program to this day. The connection I have to SAIT is lifelong from continued friendships with classmates to ongoing mentorship from my professors. I don’t know where I would be without the experiences I had during my time at SAIT.