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SAIT Trojans make noise for mental health

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Fifth Annual Make Some Noise for Mental Health Campaign. SAIT, Calgary, AB. Courtesy-Amanda Vocke

The fifth annual Make Some Noise for Mental Health Campaign kicks off on Friday, with a pep rally on SAIT campus.

Students and SAIT Trojans athletes will come together, to walk around campus during the lunch hour, and make noise in order to bring awareness to mental health on campus.

Marketing and Communications coordinator, Billie Rae Busby says the campaign was created after five university students were murdered back in 2014.

Matthew De Good was found not criminally responsible in 2016, for stabbing five University of Calgary students to death, a house party in a Brentwood home.

His Psychiatrist says he suffered a psychotic break at the time of the attacks.

Busby noticed the impact the Brentwood murders had on the community, especially post-secondary students, which compelled her to do something for students, that could bring further awareness to the importance of mental health and well-being.

The focus of the pep rally is to get people talking about mental health, in a fun and up-beat way.

“Our goal is to disrupt classes, have fun, really create some buzz about the Make Some Noise for Mental Health campaign and create a community that people know there’s people that care and that mental health and awareness is important to people at SAIT,” Busby says.

Additional events such as drop-in yoga and DJ spin will take place later in the month.

-Mandy Vocke-Cindy Letic