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How to make this the year you make good on your New Years resolutions

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Everyone knows the old saying, “new year, new me,” but many people have trouble actually sticking to their goals in the new year for much longer than a week or some. One of the biggest goals always seems to be to work out, and gym memberships see a spike in January, but decline as the year progresses.


So, what can you do to ensure 2019 is really your year?

Beatric Mikkola, a personal trainer, says one of the biggest things people do wrong is get too exited and overlarded themselves.

“I think they get really exited after the holidays because everyone is all hyped up about the new year and the new them and kind of creating new habits and they set themselves up for failure by loading too much onto their plate and the habits just don’t end up forming and they fall out of routine and it happens really quickly and they just stop coming.”

She went on to suggest just take it slow, start slow and gradually improve your routine so you habits.