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AHS refuses donation from Calgary Cannabis Club

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

A $6,000 donation from the Calgary Cannabis Club to the Tom Baker Cancer Center was turned down because of the fact that the word cannabis is used in the group’s name.

The club tried to make the donation in memory one of its members, Rick Beaver who was a well-known activist and member of Calgary’s cannabis community.

Beaver was being treated for cancer at the Tom Baker Cancer Center, using cannabis inside the centre as apart of his treatment. He passed away in December 2018

The Alberta Cancer Foundation who handles donations for the centre refused to accept the donation that club members raised through auctions and events honouring Beaver. They said they were caught off guard by the offer because they aren’t prepared to deal with cannabis-related donations.

Alberta Health services gave a statement saying:

“Alberta Health Services is engaging with health leaders from across Canada, including Health Canada, and in Alberta, to develop a long-term perspective on cannabis philanthropy. AHS does not direct what kind of gifts foundations may or may not accept. Until the engagement is complete and a longer-term perspective on cannabis philanthropy has been determined, AHS will defer accepting any donations from the cannabis sector. AHS will update its foundation partners about progress of the engagement throughout 2019, and will also provide materials to support board discussions and decision-making related to cannabis.”

-Storrm Lennie