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Hunger during the holidays

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The holidays season is all about the gift of giving. But with the Alberta economy suffering the last five years and more job losses, places such as the Calgary Food Bank, have seen more and more people and families in need depending on them.

Even with the out-pour of donations, the Christmas season has the Food Bank at an all time high for needing more food donations.

“They’re going to hit a crisis when it becomes the Christmas season.”

Calgary Bank Food representative Shawna Ogston says November and December is when they see more Calgarians in need of food resources.

“A lot of people don’t know is that a number of companies are at their year end, they’re laying staff off. And a lot of people don’t place for that, so they’re going to hit a crisis when it becomes the Christmas season.”  said Ogaston.

Ogaston says the food bank likely won’t see a decrease in clients in need anytime soon.

Last year 66,000 emergency food hampers were given out and 180,000 Calgarians came to the food bank. Every year the Food Bank helps over 100,000 Calgarians.

Written by: Vanessa Arrate December 11th 2018

Reported by: Storrm Lennie