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Auto-theft in Calgary about to get even worse

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Calgary Police Service (CPS) addressed issues around auto theft in the city at a Commission Meeting on Tuesday. CPS says Calgary has the highest rate of auto theft in Canada. All quadrants of the city are seeing high rates of car theft, and CPS says it will get even worse during winter months.

“It was just an opportunity of theft.”

Fahad Mohammad is one of many Calgarians who have had their car stolen after leaving it running to warm up. Mohammad says he only left his car for about two minutes last Friday morning before it was stolen. Mohammad saw a woman steal his car in security footage and has been sharing the footage on social media with the hopes of her being identified.

“Honestly, it was just an opportunity of theft,” Mohammad says, “she was just walking by and saw me go inside and start my car. I think she had the opportunity to take my vehicle and that’s what she did.”

There’s still hope for Mohammad’s car to be found, as CPS has been able to recover many stolen vehicles. 87 per cent of stolen vehicles reported to CPS in the third quarter of 2018 were recovered.


CPS will continue searching for stolen cars, but will also educate the public on how to prevent car theft. Operation Cold Start is a program put on by the CPS to educate Calgarians on the risks of leaving cars running in the cold weather. This will be the third year of Operation Cold Start and CPS plans to continue the program for years to come.

-Mandy Vocke

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