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Aftermath of postal strike may bring a blue Christmas for Canadians

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The Canada Post Strike may be over (for now) but Canadians may be missing some gifts come Christmas.

There is currently a backlog of over a million packages waiting to be shipped across the country. Canada Post says they expect delivery delays to stretch into next year.

Canada Post confirmed that letter mail should be cleared before December 25th, packages by January, and international packages could be delayed until March.

To add fuel to the fire, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have heavily added stress to the backlogs.

The strikes were ended on Monday after the liberals legislated the union back to work.

Workers have been back on the job since Tuesday after the liberal’s legislated them back to work, but it has not been business as usual

The Canada Union of Postal Workers says the legislation is in direct violation of the charter of rights and freedoms, but many praise the liberals decision, with heavy support coming from small business owners.

“Over the coming days, you’re going to see actions unfolding.”

CUPW informed its members they plan to begin a campaign of “mobilizations, demonstrations and non-violent civil disobedience.”




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