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Calgary’s new MAX bus lines began Monday…and some are already raising concerns

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN


Brooke Bottcher

Nov/20/2018  2:47 PM

Service for the MAX transit bus lines began yesterday with three new lines, and changes to 35 other routes, making it the biggest modification to the city’s transit network in history…but it appears as though they are experiencing some minor hiccups. Some riders expressed concerns ranging from delays to other confusions on how to reach their destinations. David Barrios had this to say about trying out the new transit lines…

“I didn’t know where the station was, the bus stop… I don’t know what’s going on”

Barrios, also says he was late for his meeting at the University of Calgary due to the lack of information and maps…at the new stops. The three new  MAX routes goal include the “MAX purple”, “MAX teal”, and “MAX Orange”…and plan to open the fourth MAX route in 2019.


Nikhil Lobo, with Calgary Transit says that the commutes will get easier in days to come…and that there is plenty more information about the routes on the City of Calgary Transit app, and at their call center at 403-262-1000.


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