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New mural at Kerby station will leave Calgarians saying “wow”.

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

If you’re a blue line C-Train you can prepare to be wowed.

Kerby station has been blessed with a mural of Hollywood actor Owen Wilson.

The painting was made by local Calgary artist Alex Kwong. Kwong made the mural because, he thought it would be funny and would brighten up the mood of people waiting at the station.

Kwong painted the portrait in front of an audience of  C-Train passengers and construction workers.

The project started when a paint supplier called Visual Orgasm put together a “paint jam” which is an organized session where artists each get a section to paint.

The painting has had strong but, mixed reactions with one person saying it’s just another piece of meaningless art.

Even if you like it or not the mural is currently here to stay, and Kwong hopes it will bring smiles to every Calgarian.

-Tanner Strauss



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