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Province keeping tight grips on Olympic funding

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Province keeping tight grips on Olympic funding

Ricardo Miranda speaking to media at the McDougall Centre

Calgary’s dreams of hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic winter games are all but alive.

Now that Calgary has had their say, the Alberta government has no obligation to cough up the money set aside to help fund the games.  This means the pool of money can be divided up and used elsewhere.

“… the $700 million depended on a ‘yes vote'”

The provincial government did keep their promise to release bid-related funding information 30 days before the vote to help Calgarians make an informed decision.  As Ricardo Miranda, provincial minister of culture and tourism says, the $700 million depended entirely on a “yes vote” from Calgarians.

Miranda adds, his goal for the province is to increase revenue from tourism from $8.4 billion to $10 billion by 2020.

-Danny Seymour

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