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SAIT prepares students for the working world

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
SAIT prepares students for the working world

Lauren Buckalew and Andy Noronha from Cisco travelled to SAIT for a panel and workshops to talk to students about digital disruption, transformation and careers in technology.

“Not only are we identifying how we can change digitally transform our current programs”

The panels main subject focused on digital disruption which happens to all companies where all digital value is analyzed in order to create bigger and better companies. Digital disruption was described as a vortex in nature like a tornado that is constantly in motion.

The Dean for the school of information and communication technologies Raynie Wood was also apart of the panel and mentioned that “not only are we identifying how we can digitally transform our current programs but also to pick which areas are going to be the new upcoming needs, so what areas are we knowing that people are going to be looking for in order to meet the industry demands.”

Andy Noronha from Cisco also described to students three types of value that digital disruptors use in order to be the most successful which are cost, experience and platform. Cost is offering more value for money or for greater benefit,  experience gives customers better experience digitally and in more efficient ways. These two values are often used by companies to compete with one another but now there is a newer value called platform which uses technology and software to connect buyers and sellers and the best disruptors combine all three to attract a larger audience.

The panel was very knowledgeable and gave students a better idea of how careers in technology are once finishing school and becoming apart of the work force. They also stuck around afterwards and were available to answer any questions students had.

-Andrea Ferrari