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Fire lights up a house in Citadel

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Fire lights up a house in Citadel

The Calgary Fire Department responded to a house on fire in the neighborhood of Citadel in the NW at about 9:40 this morning.

Fire crews arrived to the scene in the 100 block of Citadel Estates Terrace, to visible smoke from the second floor of a single family home.

Three out of the five occupants inside the house at the time, self evacuated and did not need any treatment. In order to pressurize the house, fire crews used high capacity fans prior to entering the inflamed house.

There was no damage done to the houses surrounded by the house on fire, ATCO gas and ENMAX were also on scene checking the gas and power supply to the building.

Fire crews remained at the location in search for fire extensions and hot spots. An investigation into the fire is rolling and the cause is yet to be determined.

-Itiel Monroy-