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Postal worker’s shift their strike to Calgary

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Postal worker's shift their strike to Calgary

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers continued their twenty-four hour rotating strike in four new cities. The cities involved this time around are Calgary, Kelowna, Sherbrooke and Red Deer.

The Union will continue with their rotations if an agreement isn’t reached. The last time the Union was on strike was in 2011 and they feel they are closer to reaching their goal this time around. Employees are seeking guaranteed hours, improved benefits, better working environments and equality between rural and suburban mail carriers.

Luckily for Calgarians, the City made arrangements earlier this week to ensure the continuity of customer service and business operations during and disruptions of postal service.

An agreement between Alberta and Canada Post will ensure Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit and Alberta Child Benefit checks are delivered and payments are expected to be en route within a few days of regular delivery.

A Union spokesperson says they are yet to announce where they will strike next.

-Itiel Monroy-