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Farkas trial continues with emotonial testomony

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Farkas trial continues with emotonial testomony

James Farkas, the man charged in a fatal crash, testified in court today and appeared calm and focused as he took to the stand to begin his testimony.


Farkas’ lawyer began his line of questioning by asking what exactly happens when the Farkas’ seizures take place and Farkas responded, saying they come on without warning, and added his memories before and after are hazey and scattered at best. The causes of his seizures consistently relate to alcohol consumption combined with lack of sleep, and missing doses of his medication.The court then heard Farkas had received unpleasant financial news in the hours leading up to the incident, but has never attributed anger or stress to his seizures.


The courtroom fell silent when asked if he would ever re-apply for a drivers’ license.

Farkas looked towards the bale family after a long pause, and described the trauma he had been through, but profusely apologized saying he does not expect forgiveness, and recognizes the enormity of the trauma and despair the bale family have experienced.


Cross examination resumes at 2pm today.

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