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Calgary Career and Training Expo hopes to lower Calgary’s unemployment rate, re-educate jobless

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The Telus Convention Centre hosted a free Career and Training Expo this afternoon, showcasing multiple industries, and training schools.

The expo aims to provide information on a wide variety of career options as well as an opportunity to network with established chains, local businesses, and developing companies.

Calgary currently has the second highest unemployment rate in Canada at 7.9%, as of July 2018.

Life Insurance employee, Stewart Baker says the event is a great way to help connect employers and schools with suitable candidates, to get everyone working.

Baker says although this type of event helps out those looking for new career paths, he feels that the government needs to do their part by focusing on what else can be done in order to get the province and country out of debt, before the unemployment rate can see an improvement.

Baker says the other issue is the urgent need to re-train those who were left jobless due to the economic downturn in the energy sector.

He says many of the people that attend this event are not only looking for a job, they are seeking educational opportunities to fill in the gaps in other sectors, such as real estate.

Edmonton will host another Career and Training Expo on November 13th.


-Cindy Letic

-Carlos Taug