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Defense in trial for Jennifer and Jeromie Clark says hospital to blame, not parents

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The court heard defense arguments in the trial for Jennifer and Jeromie Clark today.

The Clarks have pleaded not guilty to criminal negligence causing death and failure to provide the necessities of life for their son John Clark.

The crown heard counter-arguments from the Clarks defense team, suggesting that the evidence points to their son, John Clark dying from the hospital’s negligence in how they handled Clark’s treatment, diagnosis and hospital chart.

“No human body can go through that, and adapt in an hour.”

Jeromie Clark’s attorney, David Chow, contradicted testimony from Alberta’s current Chief Medical

Examiner, Elizabeth Brooks-Lim, which stated that John’s death was a result of malnourishment and sepsis due to his parents negligence.

Alberta’s former Chief Medical Examiner, Anny Sauvageau testified that based on her review of the autopsy findings, and medical charts, John died as a result of an overly aggressive correction of sodium in the blood within the span of an hour, saying “No human body can go through that, and adapt in an hour.”

According to Sauvageau, there was a total of 400 milliliters of sodium that were not documented in Clark’s hospital chart.

Sauvageau added that John was small for his size because of hormonal issues, not as a result of malnutrition.

Defense also questioned the reliability of the photos of John’s body, saying they were not a fair representation of what John looked like when he was admitted to the hospital, because the photos were taken twenty-four hours after his death.

The Clarks say they brought John to a Calgary hospital back on November 28, 2013 because of a slight rash, which they thought was caused because of his teething, and concerns that his toes were slightly discoloured.

John died the following day, as a result of two cardiac arrests and a seizure.

Medical examiner testifies at Clark trial:

Closing arguments will continue later today.

The jury is expected to receive final instructions for deliberations on Thursday, before they are sequestered to return a verdict.