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Calgary’s snowiest October ever… and it’s only the 11th

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Calgary's snowiest October ever... and it's only the 11th

Calgary has set a new record for the month of October, and it’s not even half-way done.

As of yesterday, October 10th, this has been the snowiest Halloween month in the history of the city. Thus far we’ve seen 48.2 centimeters of the white stuff, surpassing the old record of 47.5 centimeters in 1961.

Cold arctic air and Pacific moisture are to blame for the unusually snowy month, in which we’ve seen flakes falling for six of the first ten days.

October 2nd was the snowiest single day ever for the month of October, when 32.8 centimeters fell in a 24 hour period. The average monthly total for snowfall in Calgary is a mere 10 centimeters.

Calgarians can expect to see more seasonally typical temperatures after this weekend.


— Danica Ferris

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