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Snow cripples Calgary commuters

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Calgary roads are snow joke right now.

Heavy wet snow is causing poor visibility and slippery driving conditions for commuters across the city.

The City of Calgary has opened the Emergency Operations Centre to help with anyone who needs extra assistance due to the snow.

The majority of roads are backed up with long delays. Roads included are: Deerfoot trail, Stoney Trail, 16th Ave, 14th Street and many others.

There is currently a multi vehicle collision on 14th St and 24th Ave, as well as, a two car collision on 17th Ave and 68th St southeast.

Transit is also a bit of a mess with multiple buses being delayed up to 30 minutes. There is currently a city bus stuck on the c-train tracks, blocking the train from entering the downtown core.

If you’re looking to escape the snow and go somewhere tropical you might have some trouble too. The Calgary International Airport has 48 flights delayed, with some being pushed back more than two hours.

10 to 20 centimeters more are expected to hit the city and up to 45 centimeters could land in the mountains.

We will continue to monitor the conditions and update you with delays and changes.

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