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The torch has been lit for Olympic public engagement events

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

A press conference was hosted today to bring up the next steps for Calgary biding on the 2026 winter Olympic games. Mayor Naheed Neshi believe having open houses and pop-up events will give Calgarians the chance to be apart of the city decision.

Councillor of Ward eight Evan Woolley addressed the issue of transparency when it comes to funding for the Olympic bid.

“It would be very, very foolish.”

Woolley stated that if everything that was said was released to the public, it could put taxpayer money at risk “I think the broad majority of Calgarians can appreciate why we have to have commercially sensitive conversations and why we have to conversations in camera. Their are a couple of my colleagues who feel that every single thing that we undertake in council, should be made public. I don’t agree with that, I think it puts an immense amount of taxpayers money at risk and frankly would be very very foolish.”

All citizen, including youth will be able to give feedback, voice questions and concerns so everyone can make an informed vote in November. The events will be both in favour and not in favour so it’s evenly balanced between the two. The public will have until October 28th to participate in engagement programs around the city.


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