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Pump the breaks on privatized driving registries

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Pump the breaks on privatized driving registries

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Alberta is the only province in Canada that has a completely privatized road test framework. This morning Transportation Minister Brian Mason believes that since 1993, the driving registry service has been largely unregulated and privatized.

Mason outlined his new model for changes starting with class 5 driving examiners, They will now have to be members of the provincial government and will no longer be able to control the prices of testing fees.

Across Alberta, prices have ranged from $7 to over $100 on fees from registry agents for taking a drivers exam. Mason states the new model will now make the fee a standardized $28 and will make access for people living in rural areas easier to book a drivers exam.

All current driver examiners will have to be vetted to see if they are suitable and unbias candidates to continue with their jobs as official members of the Alberta government.

Currently, the government receives an average of 7 complaints a day regarding what they consider unfair failing on first attempts of a driving exam, due to the registry wanting to book more tests.

Mason states they will be setting up more call centers to verify complaints and that this is only part of the plan to reassess drivers registries.

Within the coming weeks,

they hope to release the plan for class 1 and 2 licenses and the trucking industry.

The new model will take effect on March 1st, 2019.

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