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The Calgary Stampeders optimistic about Friday’s game

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN


The Calgary Stampeders are ready to take on the Toronto Argonauts this Friday after a bye week. The Stamps have been on their game this season, but with 3 of their star players out due to injury, the game on Friday could have a different outcome.

The Argonauts haven’t had as good of a season as the Stamps this year, but Calgary isn’t expecting an easy win this Friday.

So far the Argos have had 9 losses and only 3 wins. The Argo’s slotback  S.J Green says he’s feeling the pressure more as playoff season gets closer and is optimistic about the game on Friday.

Whether they win or lose, Friday’s Light Up the Night theme will still go on and fireworks will be lit at the end of the game for fans to enjoy.



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