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Calgary homeowners concerned about dispensary locations

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN


With the legalization of marijuana right around the corner, Calgarians have had many concerns regarding where the substance will be sold. The city already has many rules in place on appropriate areas for dispensaries to open and many requests have already been approved.

Residents living in communities where these dispensaries are opening have mixed views on the matter and many voiced their concerns to the Calgary homeowners association.

Aisha Shamshair, a resident in the Saddletown community, is one of the few people appealing against a dispensary opening up near her home.  Shamshair, says she is concerned that the cannabis store is too close to her home and the local playground where she often takes her children.

“My house is only one and a half blocks away from the cannabis store. I have small children and it will have a bad impact on my children. There is a school half a block away from this place and a playground for children is only a few meteres from this place. Mine and other children go to this playground and it is not safe for my children to see  people buying cannabis and smoking it.”

Shamshair is only one of the many people appealing the approval of cannabis stores around the city. Majority of those appealing are concerned parents worried that these dispensaries are a danger to their children.

Marijuana will be legalized by October 17th 2018 and the city has until then to finalize the exact locations marijuana will be sold.


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