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Hawkings Field upgrades to benefit many Albertan athletes

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The University of Calgary Women’s field hockey team played their first game on the newly upgraded Hawkings Field over the weekend against the Victoria Vikes.

The university received close to 1 million dollars in funding to upgrade the facility. The expenses were shared between the Alberta government and the Alberta Feild Hockey Association (AFHA). The field hosts not only the Dino’s but more than 1300 AFHA members and over 700 local high school students.

The upgrades started in April of last year and wrapped up at the end of August, it is hoped that this will expand the life of the field by 15 years.

Alberta’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ricardo Miranda says the upgrades will improve the sport for thousands of athletes and increase access to recreation for all Albertans.

“Helping to ensure access to public sport and recreation facilities in communities across the province makes life better for Albertans pursuing healthy, active lifestyles.”

Hawking Field has been in desperate need of an upgrade for years now, and the Dino’s were proud to host their home opener on fresh turf.



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