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Twitch streaming is taking the gaming world to new heights

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Twitch streaming is taking the gaming world to new heights

The gaming industry is continuing to evolve and now there’s a platform for gamers to show off their best games or tune in to watch the best in the world.

The emergence of a live streaming service called twitch is changing the way consume video games.  Twitch allows gamers to broadcast for free from their p-c or console.

“You download a program, there are multiple ones of them, a lot of them you just type your twitch login and it will automatically connect you up. Get a webcam, get a microphone, and pick a game,” said Twitch commentator Alex Archambault.

Twitch has given players an opportunity to create their own brand and chat with people all over the world.

David roderick
twitch streamer

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“It’s also a way to play video games and relax but you also get to have fun while doing it,”  said Twitch streamer David Roderick.  “You’re not alone you have people watching you, you’re able to interact with people while you’re playing and that’s really what got me going.”

Now if you’re not comfortable starting a stream of your own. You can trade in your headset and controller for a laptop, create your own free account to watch your favorite streamer or game online.  Some games also offer free in-game content if you sign up for Twitch prime or view certain streams.

If you’re a fan of viewing streams you have the chance to watch and learn from the best in the world.

“Being able to see such a high level of play of games. Games are usually played just completely different than what would be at home,” explained Archambault.  “You get to see those new strategies you want to take it back, try and use that in your games and see if you can pull it off.”

Twitch also allows teams from all over the world to broadcast and compete in tournaments similar to mainstream sports.

“My example is usually league of legends. We have twenty teams that come into the world finals, only four of them are from north america, everything else is international,” said Archambault.

Calgary also has their own Twitch community on Facebook and Twitter, that has tips and offers help to those you are looking at getting their own stream started.