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Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

It has been fairly evident since the announcement of Canada’s plan to legalize marijuana, that they will not be ready on July 1st 2018.

The state of Colorado introduced marijuana legally nearly 6 years ago now and heeded advice to Canadians before we rushed into things. Greenwood Village Police Chief John Jackson has been asked before by many policing institutions in Canada for his advice. He says that Canadians shouldn’t rush into anything and that seems exactly like what we are doing here in the great white north.

Saskatoon’s police chief Troy Cooper says he would like the legalization of marijuana in Canada held off for a year so his officers can further train on how to detect drug-impaired drivers. Cooper says his force will be prepared when recreational marijuana is made legal — possibly by this summer — but he would still like to see an extension.

Saskatchewan’s plan for legalization includes zero tolerance for drug-impaired driving, but Cooper says he doesn’t yet know how that policy will be enforced. He says equipment needed to test drivers isn’t available yet, and that’s causing problems for training.

FYI: The state of Colorado saw 125 marijuana fatalities on the road in 2016.

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