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Housing help is on the way…

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

If you seem to think finding affordable housing is a struggle, you’re not the only one who recognizes that. The government of Alberta has announced plans to invest nearly 6 million dollars in the Calgary based Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association’s Columbus Court project.

The new facility is expected to to provide nearly 100 new housing options for low-income families as well seniors. This is projected to help out nearly 250 vulnerable Calgarians with 1 to 3 bedroom suites as well as access to a library and other entities within the area. Columbus Court will also have a resource person on staff to help tenants answer any questions.

“All Albertans deserve to have a safe and affordable home. I know projects like this are needed in Calgary and our government is committed to protecting public services like affordable housing.”

Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

“This funding announcement demonstrates the commitment from the Government of Alberta to drive significant investment into urgently needed affordable rental housing in our city. It means that Calgarians will be given the foundation to better their lives – starting at home.”

Alan Norris, chair, RESOLVE Campaign

“We are excited to acknowledge the commitment of the province of $6 million to our Columbus Court project. The future now looks decidedly brighter – a future where more than 200 Calgarians can safely raise their families, or get off the street with the opportunity to stabilize their lives or simply grow old in a safe, caring community.”

Gary McNamara, CEO, Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association

Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association is one of 9 partners of RESOLVE looking to tackle a tough housing market for homeless as well as those vulnerable in low income situations.

Quick facts

  • The total budget for this project is $24 million.
  • Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association is halfway to its $6.8-million fundraising goal as part of the RESOLVE campaign that runs until end of March.
  • Donations through RESOLVE will help provide lower rents and additional tenant supports at Columbus Court.
  • Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association provides and operates non-profit residential accommodations for seniors and families with low incomes. They have eight properties in Calgary.

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