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Alberta throne speech highlights pipelines and education

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Alberta throne speech highlights pipelines and education

After a quick nod to International Woman’s Day, Lieutenant Governor Lois Mitchell dove right to the heart of the Alberta pipeline issue. The 17-page speech started by recognizing that getting Alberta resources to market is directly tied to the future prosperity of the province. Mitchell added the provinces inability to increase exports is holding the province back. It was clear the province will take further action if BC continues to block the pipeline.

“When the City of Burnaby tried to block the Trans Mountain Pipeline in court, your government intervened. When the Government of British Columbia tried to overstep its authority and regulate something it has no right to regulate, your government stepped up.”         

                                                           -Lt. Gov Lois Mitchell

In addition to energy, the speech touched on diversifying the province’s economy by encouraging students to look towards the tech industry. Two new acts were announced  which hope to lower tuition cost for post-secondary students entering the workforce. The first is the Growth and Diversification Act that expands tax credits for schools in order to make the cost of education competitive with the rest of the country. The second is the Digital Industries Tax Credit which will open new spots for colleges and universities that focus on technologies. The tuition freeze will continue for the foreseeable future and any new tuition increases will capped by a new law that has yet to be tabled.

The first actual sitting of the Legislature Assembly will be Monday the 12th and this session will go until early June.

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