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Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Sex isn’t a comfortable topic of conversation. It’s not considered table side manners to discuss S-T-I’s and other sexual dangers, but how else are people suppose to know what to do if faced in the kind of situation?

The SAITSA Sexpo event allowed students to take a step forward in breaking the stigma.

The event couldn’t have come at a more critical time as awareness of sexual assault and violence against women is really at the forefront these days.

Tyler Knee from Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse, says events like this “Get people talking about what consent looks like and any of those messages that are put forward in a positive way really helps us achieve our goal which is reduce incidences of sexual violence in our communities and more specifically to this on campus”

People usually don’t even consider the dangers of sex thinking “that could never happen to me”, but the “Not thinking” part is what causes the issues.

While some awareness was spread at SAIT, there’s still work to be done. Registered Nurse, Kalise Porter says students can continue breaking the stigma by being brave enough to talk about STI’s and getting tested even if they don’t think it’s necessary.