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Calgary’s 2026 Olympic Bid

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Calgary's 2026 Olympic Bid

Calgary is looking at the idea of hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 2026.

That seems like a long way away, but the bid will be awarded well before that and the planning is underway.

One of the things the Calgary Bid Committee is looking at is hosting the alpine events at Lake Louise.

Damage to the environment is a concern to any Country that is bidding or hosting the Olympics.

Many have worked around it by planting double the amount of trees they demolished or acting in ways to compensate for the damage that was made.

Nick Pink, Conservation Specialist, says that defeats the purpose of protecting the national parks in the first place.

The idea of using Lake Louise to host Olympics events was also floated in two previous bids for Calgary.

Bids Committees pitched the idea in the unsuccessful 1960’s bid and again in the 80’s before our games here.

It was decided to host the events outside the National Park at Nakiska instead.