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IOC Showing interest in Calgary for 2026 Olympics

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
IOC Showing interest in Calgary for 2026 Olympics
City officials provided an update on their meeting with the International Olympic Committee this morning at Winsport.
Last week, 5 IOC member visited Calgary to evaluate a possible bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, and take a look at some of the venues that were used in the 1988 Winter Games.
The group looked at public transportation, infrastructure, remaining facilities and organization to evaluate whether Calgary is capable of supporting the games.

“Our visit to Calgary was a great opportunity to speak with city and provincial leaders about the IOC’s new approach to bidding for and organizing the Olympic Winter Games,” said Jacqueline Barrett, Associate Director, Olympic Candidatures. “By working with each city and National Olympic Committee to understand the context and their project, we can provide on-site expertise and technical assistance to help cities develop a project that aligns with local, regional and national long term goals and allows for the hosting of more sustainable, cost- effective Olympic Winter Games.”

Kyle Ripley, Director of the Calgary 2026 Olympic Bid Project says the estimated cost of a bid would be in the neighbourhood of $30 million dollars.The city plans on initially perusing funding commitments for a possible BidCo from the other two orders of government.

The bid committee will provide another update to the public in the next few weeks.

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