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Mount Royal unveils Cretaceous Land Exhibit

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Plenty of Calgarians and Mount Royal students were on hand for the unveiling of the brand new Cretaceous land exhibit yesterday.

Now on display at the university are life-sized fossil casts of two dinosaurs and a marsupial that roamed what is now western North America 65 million years ago. This is following the cretaceous seas display at mount royal unveiled in 2015. Due to the success of the first cretaceous exhibit there was a lot of excitement around this unveiling.

Professor Wayne Haglund who retired in 2004 after nearly 40 years at Mount Royal was a driving force behind putting this exhibit together.

The dean of Mount Royal University’s faculty of science and technology Jonathan Withey explained the importance of the exhibit.

This exhibit will only add to the appeal of continuing your education in the city of Calgary and is quite the feather in the cap for the university.

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