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Calgary Police request 14.3 million in 2017 budget

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

Calgary police chief Roger Chaffin gave an extensive two-hour presentation to Calgary’s city council yesterday, attempting to increase the funding for Calgary’s police force.

Chaffin emphasized the increase in crimes in 2017, such as shootings, vehicle thefts, and domestic violence occurrences.

An increase of 49 percent in shootings in Calgary has led to CPS officers feeling exhausted, said Chaffin.

Although crime rates have increased, the number of traffic cameras around the city have increased as well, providing a source of revenue for the police force.

Chaffin requested to add 14.3 million dollars to the CPS budget, allegedly using it to hire 55 new civilian and sworn members to address the growing demands in Calgary.

Council is expected to make a decision regarding the increased funding for police later this week.

Elected officials are scheduled to continue the debate around the budget today, and tax increases are expected.

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