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SAIT students get a chance to meet future employers

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
SAIT students get a chance to meet future employers

From the Alberta government to the Calgary Police Service, employers are on site at SAIT’s Annual Career Fair. Companies are looking for eager SAIT students searching for potential career choices in their short or long term professions.

The events hopes to decrease Alberta’s unemployment rate, which currently sits at 7.8%, down from 9% at this time last year.

Jim Gray, SAIT Student Employment Services, says that old school face-to-face contact is still a valuable tool in gaining employment and that if you do research on your desired place of employment, you’ll stick out at the job fair. After speaking to employers, they agreed with Gray, saying that if a student can pinpoint a specific part of their operations and how it ties into their education, the chances they get an interview will increase.

50 booths are set up in the Irene Lewis Atrium and the career fair goes until 2 PM Tuesday November 21st.

-Taylor Chartrand

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