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Environmentalists speak out against TransCanada

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Environmentalists speak out against TransCanada
The Keystone XL Pipeline cleared another hurdle yesterday when it was approved by¬†Nebraskan lawmakers,¬† but some environmental groups are warning against TransCanada’s track record when it comes to following regulations.
Canadian regulators noted 21 incidents in the Keystone One pipeline’s first year of operation, while U.S. regulators have identified up to 62 deficiencies in TransCanada’s operations of the pipeline.
Evan Vokes, a former materials engineer-turned-whistleblower, warned regulators in both Canada and the U.S. that while working for TransCanada he saw many instances of the company not following construction code on pipelines.
“Straying from the adopted code is not only illegal, but compromises the integrity of a pipeline” says Vokes.
Regardless of the decision in Nebraska, the Keystone XL still faces another hurdle: the project’s financial viability, which is looking to be an uphill battle for TransCanada due to the decline of demand for Canadian oil sands since 2008.

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