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Albertas on-going Opioid Crisis

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The government of Alberta spoke today in Edmonton about the Opioid Crisis here in Alberta. The conversations have ramped up over the last month, after it was reported in August that the drug had been in relation with the death of 315 Albertan’s in this calendar year. This number matches the total of last year, with Opioids deaths now over 1000 people in our province.

Elaine Hyshka, co-chair of the Opioid Commission Response team says that the severity of the issue is at an all-time high and she’s right. Additional funding has been approved for safe injection sites, detox beds, and better treatments; the death tolls remain on the up-rise. The government also plans to add support to indigenous groups across the prairies. These initiatives, will help better educate those who don’t necessarily understand the drug and its effects.

On October 27th it was announced that Calgary would open a safe injection site, allowing users to consume their products by injection, orally, or through inhalation.

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