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Student Struggles…

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

If it’s not enough that students need to worry about deadlines and mid-terms, they also have the stress of their financial status. Maclean’s University recently published a study and found that the average cost of a Canadian students fees for the year are just under $20 000. The study surveyed 23 384 students how they allocated their spending money throughout their term; with tuition (34%) and rent (40%) being the largest costs. Heck, the average cost of textbooks alone for a semester cost an average of $750!

Thinking of leaving the city for an education? Think again. If you decide to stay at home and find an education there, the cost is roughly $9300 per year, in comparison to the $20 000 if you decide to go elsewhere. Funding for schooling comes from the places you would expect: Student loans, or mommy and daddies pockets. Either way you spin it, someone will soak up one hefty cost for schooling at the end of the day.

Students may catch a break though if they are actively involved in Student Grants or Scholarships. When going through an educational facility, one thing students shouldn’t have to focus on is their financial status. They go to school to better their lives and create a brighter future for not only themselves, but their city and country. Schooling has enough stress, and we as a nation need to reduce those in whatever areas we can. Either that, or you can go be a citizen in places like Germany or Sweden, where a lot of post-secondary courses are offered at no cost at all.

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