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Municipal Election Countdown

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

The Municipal Race here in Calgary is heating up.

With the election results looming, all sorts of conversations have sparked up in the race to represent Calgary municipally.

A recent online poll by the Greenline Advocacy Group, shows incumbent Mayor Naheed Nenshi sitting at a 41% approval rating, 15% ahead of Lawyer Bill Smith. This news coming to a bit of a surprise, when a Mainstreet Research poll done Saturday showed Smith 17% ahead of Nenshi.

Advanced polling also wrapped up here in Calgary and showed a significant increase of voter turnout. 74 965 Calgarian’s casted their vote early this year ahead of October 16th’s election results. This number was up nearly three times the amount from previous election years in 2010 (23 721) and 2013 (22 410), indicating more public interest in this years race.

The issue was also raised this year again about Calgary’s old-school method of voting. Calgary remains one of the largest cities in Canada to still cast paper votes. Election Manager Paul Denys says although it takes some time to count paper ballots, the city has no plan on going electronically.




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