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Mayoral Candidates Meet for Night of Discussion

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Mayoral Candidates Meet for Night of Discussion
 Mayoral candidates Naheed Nenshi, Andre Chabot and Bill Smith sat down monday night to discuss their platforms prior to the upcoming election.
All three candidates showed where they stood regarding small business’s, entertainment, and safety.
Nenshi continued to provide facts surrounding the growth of the city and what to expect in the coming years.
Chabot was quick to provide realism to the citizens about the state of the city and needs change and when it will happen.
Smith wanted to ensure that the city understood that with him as mayor, no rock would be left unturned.
One thing is for sure, leading up to October 16th when polls open, Calgarians are going to have a lot to think about in regards to who they want leading their city.

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