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Calgarians to Save on Energy Efficient Products

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Calgarians to Save on Energy Efficient Products

With the cold winter and fall looming Calgarians will save a buck or two on energy efficient products. Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Phillips announced the campaign to lower prices on in-store products. Over 80 stores will participate in the campaign that will run about four weeks until Oct 29. Some of the products Calgarians can expect to save money on are block heaters, LED lights, and programmable thermostats. So if you’re thinking of decorating your home with Christmas lights now is the time to buy. Over 600 retailers are involved in the four week program. The spring campaign was a hit with Albertans purchasing 4.3 million products alone. Calgarians are expected to save over 420,000 gigajoules on energy which is enough to heat over 3,500 homes.

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