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Outing of GSA students to be outlawed in Alberta

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Outing of GSA students to be outlawed in Alberta

Alberta is looking to make it illegal to out students who join GSA’s. Jason Kenny’s controversial stance in August on Gay Straight Alliances caused quite the backlash in Alberta. Gay Straight Alliances are organizations at schools that allow students both gay and straight to join together in support of each other. Kenny, A member of the United Conservative Party, spoke on the subject saying parents have the “right to know” if their children join a GSA, “unless their parents are abusive.” Kenny supported schools who removed students for joining. The NDP meanwhile would like to impose an amendment to the School Act protecting the privacy of students who join GSA’s. David Eggen, Alberta’s Education Minister is pushing hard to protect member’s of GSA’s after what is being called a “Dangerous political rhetoric.” The amendments could be finished by fall with school’s losing funding and accreditation if they fail to comply.

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