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Ward 7 Candidates discuss community and city issues

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Ward 7 Candidates discuss community and city issues

Last night, Ward 7 candidates gathered at SAIT to present and argue what they feel the ward and city needs to fix and their plan on how to do so.

The topic of conversation mainly revolved around Secondary Suites and whether the Ward should allow them.  U of C and SAIT both reside within the Ward which makes the Secondary Suites a more significant area of discussion since students make up the majority of citizens who to live in a secondary suite because of it’s cost effectiveness.

Topics of discussion also included the opioid crisis, bike lanes, and green energy.

The candidates running were almost in full attendance with four out of the five making an appearance. Brent Alexander, Margot Aftergood, Dean Brawn and Marek Hejduk were there while Druh Farrell could not attend due to personal matters.


Story by Grayden Racine and April Zielke

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