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Respect in Sport

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Respect in Sport

When you think hockey, you think fast paced action, high intensity and passion.

However there is a darker side to the game than most people think.. Bullying, sexual harassment and lack of respect is still seen in the game today.

In 2010 Hockey Calgary was the first organization in Canada that implemented the mandatory “Respect in Sport Program”. This hour long program must be completed by one parent in each family who is involved in the Hockey Calgary program, if not their child will not be eligible to compete.

On Thursday April 20th, Hockey Calgary announced parents will need to do the program every 4 years starting in the 2017-2018 season.

Kevin Kobelka, Executive Director of Hockey Calgary says the program is made for educating parents on other factors such as Cyber Bullying, Sexual Abuse and Long Term Athletic Development.

On a Hockey Calgary Survey, parents were asked if they would do anything if they saw violence.. 48% of parents would say something while 22% wouldn’t.

Sheldon Kennedy, a former NHL player and Co-Founder of the Calgary Respect Group, wants parents to remember they’re not the second coach.. The’re a fan.

-Jacob LeBlanc

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