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Is Robin Hood flour in trouble with consumers?

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Is Robin Hood flour in trouble with consumers?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says 10,000, 10 kilogram bags of Robin Hood original all purpose flour are being recalled by Smucker Foods of Canada.

The recall comes after people felt ill due to an E.coli contamination, but with this recall comes some uncertainty with consumers.

Joanne Roshalo says she’ll continue to use other flours for a while until she knows that the problem has been solved Roshalo says she might even stay clear of flours all together, and instead go back to other grains.

Shona Foster feels differently and says that a company that large would’ve had their finger on the problem right away. She thinks Smuckers Food of Canada will be able to fix the problem and re-gain consumers trust.

So far 25 people in four provinces, including Alberta have contracted E.coli, that was attributed to this batch of flour.

Marketing Assistant, Dominick Laurin says Smuckers will have to save face in the media to ensure the company doesn’t lose people’s trust. Laurin says Smuckers will need to make sure that the general public knows E.Coli is a thing of the past.

The affected flour carries a best before date of April 17, 2018. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says if you’re unsure if your flour is part of the recall, throw it away.

  • Alison MacKinnon

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