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Flames fans still hopeful going into game 4

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN

It isn’t a great situation for the Flames going into what could be their last game of the playoffs. Monday night’s game looked promising with the Flames at one point up 4-1. But that lead was short-lived when the Anaheim Ducks started to get their stride back. It was one goal after another until eventually, the Ducks tied up the game leading to an extra period. shortly into overtime, Anaheim ran away with the game.

But hope isn’t lost for fans. With another game right here at home, Calgarians will continue to show their support.

“I expect them to show up 100% behind the team and fully there because if not, they’r only pseudo-flames fans and just say they are but they aren’t. you always support the team no matter where they’re at,” said Doug Craig, a Flames supporter.

But it isn’t tonight’s game fans are worried about. They have the up-most confidence the Flames will win at home but it’s the cursed Anaheim rink that is bringing the moral down.

Even the mayor, Naheed Nenshi, is confident in a home win to avoid getting swept out of the playoffs.

“I mean obviously they’re going to win tonight. They just have to win 3 more in a row that’s all…two in a building they’ve had trouble winning in but they’ll be able to do it,” said Nenshi.

Puck drops at 8pm.

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