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Brentwood Five murderer lobbying for reintegration

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Brentwood Five murderer lobbying for reintegration

The man who committed Calgary’s worst mass murder was in court Thursday. Matthew de Grood is looking to begin the reintegration process back into society.

The hearing began with both the defence and prosecution asking Dr. Sergio Santana questions about de Grood’s progress over the last year. Dr. Santana had mostly good thing to say, noting he has been a “model patient”.

During one of the questions asked, Dr. Santana stated de Grood is on medication for schizophrenia and has not had any symptoms for almost three years. Another key point made was that de Grood seems to be ahead of progress, and there is an option to transfer him to Alberta Hospital Edmonton which is a larger area than the facility he currently resides in.

The Alberta Review Board has three options to choose from: keep de Grood in a secure facility until his next hearing, give him conditional discharge, or give him absolute discharge.

The decision will be made at a later date yet to be announced.


Matt Fetinko

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