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Black blue and now green bins

Calgary, AB, Canada / RTBN
Black blue and now green bins

Get ready to compost Calgary. The new green bin program is coming to 320,000 residents home starting June 5th. After a five year pilot project 90 per cent of Calgary residents were in favor of introducing the green bins to the city.

the $6.50 cent fee has been waived for almost a year to all residents who will be receiving the bins.

All this is in effort to reduce green house gases emissions as 65 per cent of waste generated from single homes contains food wast and yard material.

the material collected from the green bins will be recycled and turned into soil to use for yard work.

Executive director of green Calgary Conor Tapp says this is the right step forward to make a greener city “The conversation has definitely changed. For some Calgarians there’s more of an appetite now to do their own compost and the reason is with your compost you have a premium craft product. You keep your greens you keep your best products for you and the city, rather than sending your browns and your bones and other products to the landfill you send that to them to make their municipal product”.

The new program though is expected to take 17 weeks and deliver 20,000 green bins a week until all residents have one the process is expected to take a while with some residents not receiving the bins until October 2nd.

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